Changing Horizon Colors

Here is a quick tutorial on how to change the Horizon colors on the Mountain Wave DIY Avionics EFIS

This post assumes you can build the source on the device as shown here:

Post on building the application

The Colors for the Horizon are stored in horizon_instrument.cpp

Use any text editor you like, I use nano. “nano horizon_instrument.cpp”

The two colors for the sky and earth are set with two RGB Combination here:

two lines showing horizon colors

If we wanted to make the sky pink, we could simply change the RGB combination of the sky to 248, 24, 148. The last 255 is grey value – since we want full on pink, we’ll leave it at 255.

Now save the file, run qmake, followed by make, and run the application:

after saving the changes, running qmake and make

Now you should have a nice pink, apocalyptic sky

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