MW Avionics Wiring

  • To get started on the 3.5 EFIS internal wiring harness, the following are needed:
    • 4 pieces of wire, 4 inches long or so these colors are
      • Red (+12V)
      • Grey (GND)
      • Green (CAN L)
      • White (CAN H)
    • Contact Crimpers (blue handles)
    • Wire Strippers (red handles)
    • 4 pieces of 1/16″ shrink tubing
    • 4 female contacts (MFG 1375819-1, DigiKey A100453CT-ND)
    • 1 female recptical housing (MFG 1375820-4, DigiKey A99615-ND)
      • Note that many of our kits use these recepticals
      • Just change the “-4” at the end for a different number of Positions
    • 1 male header (MFG 640456-4, DigiKey A1922-ND)
    • 1 external connector (MFG 194280-0011, DigiKey WM17510-ND)

Pieces needed for 3.5 EFIS Wiring harness

Start by cutting the wire into 4″ pieces

Next, crimp on the contacts

Now slide the shrink tubing over the wire

Solder the wires to the External Connector as Shown

Use a heat gun to shrink the shrink tubing, then snap the contacts into the female receptical

DONE! You’ve completed the internal harness for the 3.5 EFIS. Note that many of these parts and techniques can be used on the other PCBs as well

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