Pi Zero 2.2 – Soldering the Power Supply – Part 1

This is part 1 of a tutorial on soldering the Pi Zero W Top V2.2. This is the latest revision as of 3/13/19 that will allow the same PCB to be used on both the Raspberry Pi Zero or the full sized Raspberry Pi 3. Just cut off the extensions at the lines on the PCB to move down from a full size to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

In this tutorial, we will look at the parts and the soldering work needed to load the portion of the board that is the step down converter from ship power to 5V for the Raspberry Pi. You will need to be proficient at soldering surface mount components.

The BOM for the Pi Zero 2.2 Board can be found here:

  • To Start, we will assemble 8 part numbers from the BOM:
    • L1 – 4.7uH Inductor
    • U1 – Buck Converter IC
    • D1, D2, D3 – Shotkey Diodes
    • R6 – 52.3k resistor
    • R5 – 56k resisitor
    • R7, R8 – 10k resistors
    • C1 – 0.1uF capacitor
    • C2, C3 – 10uF capacitor
All parts (less 10uF capacitors) laid out next to bare PCB

These can be soldered in any order. Below is a picture of each part and it’s location on the PCB.

After the last parts are soldered on, you can test the Power Supply. Put 12-14V on the power input pins (shown below – square pin is positive, round is negative) you should see 5V on the +5 and GND pins of the Raspberry Pi Connector

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