Pi Zero 2.2 – Soldering the Connectors – Part 1

In this post, we’ll go through soldering the less complicated parts up to, but not including the air data sensors and the IMU. For this, you’ll need 5 groups of parts. We will assume this board is setup for both Air Data Sensors on the SPI bus, not the I2C bus.

  • R18, R19, R23, R24, R17, R22 – 0 ohm 0805 resistors
    • If you’re using the second encoder:
    • R12, R16, R13, R14, R15 – 0 ohm 0805 resistors
  • R2, R2, R3 – 1k ohm 0805 resistors
    • If you’re using the second encoder:
    • R9, R10, R11 – 1k ohm 0805 resistors
  • Raspberry Pi Connector
  • GPS Connector
  • Encoder Connectors

First, let’s install the 0 ohm resistors for the SPI jumpers. There are 6 of them, highlighted in red. If you’re using I2C air data sensors, you’ll need 4 resistors, located in the yellow circle.

If you’re using a second encoder, you’ll need an additional 5 0 ohm resistors, circled below in Red.

Next, we will install the 3 1k pullup resistors for encoder number 1. These are the 3 in a row near the first encoder connector. If using a second encoder, install 3 more 1k resistors as shown by the bottom 2 red circles.

Next install the GPS sensor connector.

Finally, Install the 2 Encoder Connectors as shown below. Pay close attention to their orientation.

Finally, install the Raspberry Pi 2×20 connector.

Now, all that is left is to install the air data and IMU sensors!

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