DIY Bose Aviation Headset

DIY Bose Aviation Headset

Thanks to Mike K for the motivation to get this project going. The idea was to come up with a DIY adapter that was easy enough to make to allow me to use my Bose QC2 headphones in the airplane. Because I’m not a Part 135 or Part 121 operator, I don’t need TSO, even in certified aircraft. The price of the old Bose QC2 headsets is plummeting on eBay and used sets can be found for under $50. If you include the cost of the pieces for the DIY headset kit, you can have a very nice, lightweight set of noise cancelling aircraft headphones for much less than even the cheapest sets out ther today.

  • For the electronics, the big components are:
    • Electret Mic – I used EM-9745UN ($2.19)
    • NPN Transistor – 2N5089 ($0.54)

The Schematic for the Mic Circuit is Below for Reference

To Start, disassemble the conversion cable, we’ll need the housing
Next, disassemble the reading light, we’ll use the tube, wires, and light housing
Using the Schematic Above, Construct a little microphone circuit
Next Fit the circuit into the “lamp” enclosure from the LED Desk Light
Note that you’ll need a hole in the back of the enclosure for the noise cancelling on the mic to work
Next, drill out the headphone adapter to accept both the headphone wire and the mic boom from the LED desk lamp
Fancy Wire and Mic Boom fed into the headset adapter
Next, wire up the headphone and mic plugs
I used the ends of the extension cable to separate the Aircraft plugs from the mic. Mostly for testing, but someday I want to feed in some audio so I can listen to music.
…And here it is!

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